Protection as a Service: The Latest Safety Solution for Businesses Across Industries

Tomer Mann, EVP, 22Miles
Tomer Mann, EVP, <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>22Miles</a>

Tomer Mann, EVP, 22Miles

In 2020, a whirlwind of uncertainty swept the globe as businesses met a challenge that was previously unaccounted for in their strategic plans: a global pandemic. From pivoting to a remote work model to finding new ways to meet safely, one question has loomed over the heads of managers, employees, and families everywhere since the start: How will we get back to normal?

The truth is, while many of us still don’t have a definitive answer to this question, managers and business owners are enduring new logistical and public safety challenges as their office spaces trickle back into action. From enforcing social distancing guidelines and wellness checks to determining new patterns of traffic around buildings to reduce touch points, it takes a lot more planning and insight to run a business and keep everyone safe in the COVID-19 era. This is why technology companies, like 22Miles, have been hard at work since the pandemic started to develop solutions to help address these precautions and ensure a safer return to work, especially in the digital communications, signage and way finding sectors.

To support enterprises across key industries, 22Miles developed their Protection as a Service (PaaS) Suite: a series of integrated technology features and capabilities that make up a customizable software platform, designed to meet the challenges businesses of all types face around COVID-19 safety. The suite offers enterprises across industries customizable tools for screening, way finding, hoteling, and hot desking, as well as visual communication features for real-time information updates. Let’s dive into how some of the technologies can help address the challenges associated with viral spread, the ever-shifting safety measures of social distancing, and the key logistical issues management face in the return to work.

PaaS features a growing number of options for businesses and organizations spanning key markets, all built on 22Miles’ PublisherPro content management software. Developed on a flexible, robust platform, PublisherPro allows enterprises to power experiential digital signage and interactive way finding within their facilities. As a result, the platform provides a customizable, responsive approach to addressing the quickly evolving technology demands of the pandemic across all key markets, including healthcare, retail, organizational, education, airport, government, and large venues.

One of the key technologies of the PaaS suite is TempDefend. TempDefend is a customizable, plug-and-play thermo-sensing digital signage tool for communication and public safety direction, designed, and developed entirely in the United States by 22Miles as a proprietary solution to meet the challenges of COVID-19. The solution is comprised of advanced camera system with facial and body temperature detection software, sensors, and machine learning algorithms to bring wellness screening technology to digital signage displays. When positioned at a building entrance, TempDefend can also be equipped with virtual receptionist capabilities for employee safety: with this option, administrators are alerted of high temperatures when scanned, initiating a video call to enforce social distancing. In addition, TempDefend has options for multi-user tracking to scan multiple users entering at a time, exhibiting each user’s temperature on the screen.

With further innovation, 22Miles also developed a new release for TempDefend: Rapid Tracking. The solution instantly scans users upon entry without needing them to stop at the kiosk each time, so that a school entrance or busy throughway can be clear. The system has a flashing red LED light to alert the passers if anyone is elevated. This feature improves efficiency in the screening process by eliminating the time associated with single scans, a sustainable competitive advantage of this product over others.

Touchless Touch, another key technology in the suite, allows enterprises to offer a fully interactive, touch-free experience for digital signage and way finding, leveraging voice activation, recognition, or gesture control. Like TempDefend, this feature can be integrated into any kiosk or signage application to provide touch-free accessibility and way finding, reducing viral spread by diminishing touchpoints. Touchless Touch allows for easy navigation with the added efficiency of voice commands, gesture responses to answer surveys or CDC questionnaires, removing the need to touch through pages on signage.

In addition to the options provided by Touchless Touch, Secure Mobile Control (SMC) is another option to reduce public touchpoints, eliminating hygiene risks associated with touching and physically interacting with screens. Upon entering a facility, users can use any mobile device, to scan a QR code scan and operate the interactive controls from the web browser via the network – there is no need to download or install an application. With SMC, users can use remote interaction on their device via a secure mouse pad and onscreen keyboard for convenience and safety alike.

The final key product in the PaaS suite is the Digital Notification Suite: a solution created to keep distributed workforces in the loop on all company announcements, news, and other critical information in real-time, via desktop push notifications. The solution is easy to install, and it’s simple to make edits to widgets, information, and displays to ensure information is always up-to-date and communicated with efficacy. This solution plays an especially important role as workforces globally are returning to the office in different capacities; with some businesses remaining remote and others coming back to a hybrid-model, the Digital Notification Suite ensures all employees stay connected from anywhere.

Digital signage, interactive way finding, hoteling and hot desking technologies, when coupled with robust content management systems, bridge the gap often faced in enforcing public safety in the COVID-19 era. Leveraging the combination of solutions offered in the PaaS suite allows business leaders to rebuild confidence in the return to work, and keep safety in the forefront of operations as restrictions ease or tighten across regions, with the ability to screen, communicate, and navigate effectively. These technologies now play a critical role in protecting organizations as the public health situation continues to evolve and will continue to be an asset for enforcing social distancing guidelines, promoting safety, and communicating across workforces.